Bike Tours Krakow

Do you want to see everything of Cracow during your citytrip Cracow? Do you want a sporty and environmentally friendly way to learn everything about Crakow? Discover the beauty of all attractions and take part of the bike tours Cracow! The English- speaking guide would love to tell you everything about Cracow. The guide will help you discover all the secrets of gorgeous Crakow. The bike tours Cracow is mapped out by a specific route through the city so you will not miss anything of the city.

The bike tours Cracow is not only for an individual. The bike tours Cracow is also available for the whole family. Morever, Cracow is one of the safest cities in Europe. Because of the safety it is nice to enjoy the city by bike. In a few hours you will discover almost everything about the beautiful city of Krakow. The bike tours Cracow stops at St. Mary’s Church, Collegium Maius, Market Square and the factory of Oscar Schindler. During the bike tours Cracow you will see so many cultural heritages of this historical city. Together with a group of 6- 10 people you will discover all about the beautiful city of Crakow. The bike tours Cracow will start at a central meeting point in Cracow. The guide, a local, can tell you all about the story behind each cultural building. Who else but a local can tell you all about Crakow in a few hours?

The bike tours Cracow is something you would not miss during your citytrip Cracow. You will receive a lot of interesting information. The bike tour is also a sporty way to discover the city! The English- speaking tour is available daily at 10:00 am and 15:00 noon. The English- speaking guide can give you more tips after the bike tour. He knows all places and is ablo to answer all of your questions. Book your bike tour Cracow now

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