Bike tours: Krakow city tours

Some of the best bike tours: Krakow city tours. This bike tour is the perfect way to introduce the city. You will experience the beautiful culture of Krakow. With help of an English speaking guide you will discover this amazing city. The guide is a local who knows everything about the city. The bike tours: Krakow city tours will last a couple of hours. The English- speaking tour is available daily at 10:00 am and 15:00 noon. The morning bike tour is exactly the same as the afternoon bike tour.

The bike tour is a great way to explore the attractions of Krakow. The tour will start at a central meeting point. From this point you are only have to enjoy your trip. A specific route is mapped out so wou will get to see most of historical figures of Kwakow city. These attractions you are definitely going to see: St. Mary’s Church, Collegium Maius, Market Square and the factory of Oscar Schindler. With the knowledge of the English guide you will get all the background information of these attractions. The guide will also tell you everything about Polish hooligans, the nightlife and history of the city.

The bike tours: Krakow city tours is out in the open with fresh air and a little exercise. The bike tour moves on in a slow tempo so everyone is able to see everything of the city. In our opinion bike riding is an ideal way to see Krakow because you can get to where you want just a bit faster than walking. We are sure you will be suprised with the bike tours: Krakow city tours. If it rains, please make sure you wear the right clothes so the weather won’t screw up your bike tour. Don’t hesitate and book your bike tours: Krakow city tours right now!

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