Bike Tours Krakow

Your citytrip Krakow isn’t complete without the bike tours Krakow. Learn everything about the beautiful city during this bike tour. This bike tour is given by an English speaking guide. He can answer all your questions because of his experience with this city. The tour is an excellent way to get an overview of the city.

There is no better way to discover Krakow than on two wheels.  Krakow is compact and flat so a bike tours Krakow is perfect to discover the city. The bike tours Krakow is available for everyone, no matter your age. The tour is also a great way to make the most of your time in Krakow. In a few hours you will see so many cultural places. The bike tours Krakow is mapped out with a specific route. The bike tours Kracow stops at St. Mary’s Church, Collegium Maius, Market Square and the factory of Oscar Schindler. In this way you will not miss anything about this city. During the bike tours Krakow you will see some UNESCO cultural heritages, which are amazing. The guide can give you all kinds of interesting facts about Krakow.

The topography of the city makes an ideal location in which to cycle. The bike lanes are easy to get around on. The bike tours Krakow is a relaxed way to see all the best locations in Krakow. The bike tours Krakow is organized with a maximum of 10 members.

According to tourists who took part of the bike tours krakow some things you will not discover by yourself. A lot of participants recommends this unforgettable bike tour. The English Speaking guide will ‘personalise’ the tour and spent lots of time answering all our enquiries. The guide gives you a lot of historical explanation to why the city is as it is.

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