Cracow bike tours

The Cracow bike tours is the best activity to take part of during your citytrip Cracow. It is the perfect way to know all interesting facts of the city. Of course an English speaking guide is able answer all your questions. With his experience he can explain all your curiosities. Together with other tourists (maximum of 10), you will learn everything of Cracow during the Cracow bike tours.

Explore the city

Your bike tour will start at a central meeting point in the city. The route of the Cracow bike tours is mapped out to see all the nicest attractions of Cracow. For example you will definitely see these great attractions: St. Mary’s Church, Collegium Maius, Market Square and the factory of Oscar Schindler. If you have any questions about these buildings during the Cracow bike tours, the English speaking guide is able to answer all your questions. The Cracow bike tours will go on with normal pace so you won’t miss everything of the city. If you would like to know things about the city he didn’t told you during the bike tour, he would love to help you after the tour.

Book your bike tour!

The morning bike tour starts at 09:30 and lasts until 13:00. The afternoon bike tour starts at 14:00 and lasts untill 17:30. Both tours will be exactly the same. The price of both tours is 22 euro per person. Please make sure you will participate to this unforgettable way of discovering the beauty of Cracow. Book your Cracow bike tour at


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